its Le Tresse! I want to tell you a bit about how I came up with the name for FeBeJoy Photos. FeBeJoy is a name that derived from my love and appreciation for the ladies that helped mold me into the woman that I am today. Felecia (Fe) my mother who I will always love dearly. She showed me that life doesn't always have to be taken so serious. She will forever be my wonderer (Sagittarius). Berenice (Be) my paternal grandmother, the sweetest most kind hearted woman ever. Words cannot describe how I truly feel about this lady (my heart). Joyce (Joy) my MaDea (maternal grandmother) who showed me how to welcome others and love even when your head is telling you to do the opposite. I also got my love of cooking good soul food from her as well. These ladies will forever be with me, FeBeJoy.

~ Thank you in advance for allowing me the time into your beautiful life.

photo by Courtney Paige Ray